Do you want to achieve greater success in sales?

In this broker webinar, business consultant, speaker, and coach, Ryan Miller, will join us as we discuss how to create greater success by generating authentic attention. Ryan Miller is the creator of "Broker Exsellence" - which is a community of brokers, vendors, and carrier representatives. He has been helping companies achieve revenue goals by developing industry-leading sales teams and strategies.

Sales professionals often find themselves utilizing trendy sales tactics and marketing messaging. ​​​While these may work at times, sales professionals often miss the single biggest opportunity to achieve success: themselves.

Generating authentic attention is about gaining clarity on what sets you apart from everyone else in your industry and then finding the best way to communicate that with the audience you desire to attract.

This webinar will discuss tools for you to stop chasing and start attracting sales success.

Ryan Miller is a coach and a consultant to industry leaders with over 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing, personal branding, as well as professional and leadership development. His strategic, hands-on approach to consulting has helped his clients to uncover needs and create effective solutions in all aspects of their business.