Balancing Email Privacy and Employee Privacy

November 29, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 1 Comment

email privacy employer securityIn doing some research on employer policies regarding email privacy, employee privacy and employer security, we found two great articles which are worth reading.  One article addresses five critical questions surrounding the rights of employers to access email sent on company-owned devices and how an email policy can help protect employers.  The other article outlines five steps on how to implement a company security and employee privacy policy.

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Is the Health Care Reform Law Constitutional?

November 22, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 0 Comments

health care reform law unconstitutionalThe U.S. Supreme Court announced on November 14th that it will hear five and a half hours of oral arguments on the constitutionality of select provisions of the health care reform law, also known as the Affordable Care Act. The oral arguments will most likely be held in early March, with a ruling anticipated in June.

In an article by USA Today, the main question in the dispute that's expected to be heard over two days in March is whether in requiring most Americans to buy insurance by 2014 or face a tax penalty, Congress exceeded its power to regulate interstate commerce. The justices also will address whether the entire law is doomed if that mandate to buy insurance falls. They will also review a provision that expands eligibility for Medicaid, the Federal-state program for the poor.

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No More Bad Hires: Expert Tips for Business Owners

November 18, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 1 Comment

expert hiring tipsIn a recent webinar, Hire With Purpose, nationally recognized small business expert, speaker and author Jay Goltz discussed insider tips, takeaways and tactics small business owners can apply right now to ensure they make the right hiring decisions.

CareerBuilder outlined some of Jay’s best sound bytes from his webinar in a recent blog article… No More Bad Hires: Business Expert Shares Tips to ‘Hire With Purpose’.  To make sure you don’t miss out on this great content, here are some excerpts...

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How to Find the Best Credit Card Processing Provider

November 15, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 1 Comment

credit card processing providerMost businesses constantly look for ways to reduce operating costs; but one common place many businesses fail to investigate is the amount of credit card processing fees they are paying each month. Any business that accepts debit and credit card payments uses a credit card processing provider to complete these transactions. A credit card processer is needed to complete transaction sales and works as an interface between a business and the major credit card companies. This area is one business operation that all businesses, that accept credit payments, should explore more thoroughly. Many businesses are paying significantly higher amounts than they need to.

Tags: merchant services, credit card processing

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The IRS 20 Point List for Classifying Employees

November 11, 2011 | Guest Author | 0 Comments

IRS 20 point list testThe following is a guest blog post by Steve Jackson, Vice President, Benefit Services at PrimePay.

In our recent blog article… Come Clean on Contractor Payroll Taxes Before an IRS Audit… we discussed a new IRS program that will enable employers to resolve past worker misclassification issues by voluntarily reclassifying their workers.  Many employers struggle with determining if an individual is an employee or an independent contractor.  To help clarify the difference between these two types of workers, the IRS has created a 20 point list… whereby your answers help guide you to correctly classifying employees.

Tags: employee classifications, IRS tax tips & announcements

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Tax Payment ID Failed Email Phishing Scam

November 08, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 0 Comments

tax payment id failed email scamWell the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) phishing scams have started again.  This time they are in the form of an email entitled “Your Tax Payment ID xxxxxxx is failed.”… where the “x’s” are a series of numbers.  These emails come from an “info center” email address that looks like it may have come from the EFTPS.  But trust us… it did not come from the EFTPS or the IRS.  And here’s how we know that…

Tags: EFTPS email scam, IRS tax tips & announcements

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3 Questions to Consider When Creating a Flextime Policy

November 04, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 1 Comment

flextime work schedule policiesTo stay competitive and thrive in today’s marketplace, small businesses need to use every tool available at their disposal.  Fortunately, modern technology provides many such tools.  One of the most important is the ability of your workforce to work a non-traditional schedule.  

Flexible hours, also called "flextime" or “telecommuting” are schedules in which employees spend a portion of their workday onsite and the rest from home or another location.  For example, a flextime schedule might require an employee to work onsite in the morning and complete his or her work for the day from somewhere else.

Tags: employee morale, human resources, employee benefits

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Odd Pairing But True: Daylight Savings Ends & Tax Benefits Increase

November 01, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 0 Comments

daylight saving time 2011It’s that time of year again.  For most of us, it’s time to “fall back” this weekend and turn our clocks back one hour on Sunday morning.  For employers with shift workers that will be working when the clocks are turned back, learn how that extra hour of work impacts overtime.

Over the last couple of weeks, the IRS has been busy announcing everything from the 2012 Social Security taxable wage base to the pension plan limits for the coming year.  Several other recent announcements include limits on tax-free transportation fringe benefits and new dollar amounts for 2012 personal exemptions, standard deductions, tax brackets and more.

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Does Act 32 Impact Your Business?

October 28, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 0 Comments

what is pa act 32Act 32 affects every Pennsylvania employer and businesses with employees that work in Pennsylvania.  Learn exactly what Act 32 is, how it impacts PA businesses and what your employees need to know about how it could affect their local income tax withholding.  The good news is that if you work with a payroll services company, most of this is probably being handled for you.  It is important to check with your payroll provider before you take any action to make sure efforts are not being duplicated.

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The What, When and How of W-2 Health Insurance Reporting

October 25, 2011 | PrimePay Business and Experts Blog | 1 Comment

w-2 health insurance coverage reportingThe Internal Revenue Service is holding a free, one-hour webinar on Monday, October 31st on the reporting requirements of employer-provided health care coverage on employee W-2 forms.  This webinar will discuss when and how to start reporting the cost of coverage on Form W-2, what changes employees would see on the form related to coverage reporting and what transitional relief would be available for certain employers and plans. 

As we have discussed in previous blog articles, the Affordable Care Act requires employers to report the value of the employer-provided health care coverage they provide on each employee’s annual W-2 form.  Below is an excerpt from this blog article providing details on which employers will be required to report the cost of health coverage on Form W-2 and when.

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